Saturday, October 23, 2004

A Trip to MALAYSIA on 18-21 OCt(PortDickson & Malacca)
Day 1
We reached the Hotel (Corus Paradise) at abt late noon... We were all very tired thus, we stay in the room till dinner time.. tink we really waste time in the rm.. but I tink it was raining at that time, so we can do nutting much.. Cant rmb wat I ate, but precisely everyday is CHICKEN!!! Then Sarah was so funny.. she said,"if i die, u all will know why!!" lol...
It was Xtremly FUN!! I had the chance to sit on a Banana Boat... Yeah!! Things were quite draggy initially... But in the end.. who cares.. as long as i had to play, it enuff!! We all dropped into the sea for like 2 times... i drank quite alot of sea water... It was disgusting and Xtremely salty... N mummy still said inside got all dirty shit... come to tink abt it, it was really ER XIN!! After tt, we went to our hotel to get outselves TAN!! We had a swim and now I look like a roasted PIG!! OMG.. I was really burnt.. Now my skin was peeling, so UGLY!! We had dinner at a seafood restaurant.. It look like a banquet to mi as we had our 10 course dinner.. The food was rather nice... N i had my 1st fried ice cream as the last dessert..
We started packing and went ahead to BABA House!! It was at Malacca... The place was nice with alot of ancient decor.. Took quite a few photo as stupid Sarah was lazy to take and the digital cam was wow... damn haiz.... ~speechless~ There were alot of alley near the baba hse but was rather dark at nitez... We had shopping at Macota.. I still wan to say.. Things were DAMN DAMN cheap... but i din get the chance to shop finish or grab everything... lol.. but it was fun!! Eat & sleep quite alot during this trip and now im like a piggy.. hope i can slim down ya.. OoO... For dinner, we had chicken rice ball.. It was kinda special but i dun like the rice as it was too soft 4 mi, i prefer those erm... harder 1!!
We onli shop at the streets near Baba hse as we lack of time.. nutting much 2 buy as they were all selling those wooden things... OoO ya.. the secret recipe there were damn cheap cos the menu is exactly the same as Spore.. which means it was 1/2 price at M'sia!! Could not stop laughing when i saw the menu.. lol... tink im going crazy cos the things and food were really damn CHEAP.. lol... ~home sweet home~

*could not write much as im gg out now!!*

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Im going 2 work 2molo... kinda scare, or shd i say nervous... Im always stressed up.. hee.. dunnO Y!! Cos no1 will accompany m (No1 2 accom mi eat luncH!!) must eat alone... nv experience b4.. hee.. 2molo shall be my 1st time...
Regarding LuV, 2 mI, its always as messy.. bUt i do feel smth now.. maybe its a gd sign!! At least i noe wat i really wan... hope i will be HAPPY aLwaYs? TTs wat i hope la.. :-)
Regarding the job uniform, it kinda SUCKS.... lol.. I had 2 wear a HEAD SCARF!! OMG.. I cant imagine myself wearing.. but no chance.. Hope no1 will see mi ( I mean all my frenz...) hee... If not, i really must dig a hole n hide inside!!! k la.. NJOY every1... IT's HOLS!!!!!!

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Monday, September 13, 2004

"Does Love need A reason?"
>Lady: Why do you like me..? >Why do you love me? > >Man: I can't tell the reason.. but I really like >you.. > >Lady: You can't even tell me the reason... how >can you > say you like me? How can you say you love >me? > >Man: I really don't know the reason, but I can >prove > that I love you. > >Lady: Proof? No! I want you to tell me the >reason. > My friend's boyfriend can tell her why he >loves > her but not you! > >Man: Ok, ok!!! Erm... because you are beautiful, >because > your voice is sweet, because you are caring, >because > you are loving, because you are thoughtful, >because > of your smile, because of your every >movements.. > >Unfortunately, a few days later, the Lady met >with an accident >and became a vegetable. The Guy then placed a >letter by her side, >and here is the content: > >Dearest, > >Because of your sweet voice that I love you...Now >can you talk? >No! Therefore I cannot love you. Because of your >care and concern >that I like you.. Now that you cannot show them, >therefore I cannot >love you. Because of your smile, because of your >every movements >that I love you.. Now can you smile? Now can you >move? No, therefore >I cannot love you... > >If love needs a reason, like now, there is no >reason for me to love >you anymore. Do love need a reason? No! >Therefore, I still love >you... >And love don't need a reason...

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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Erm.. wat shall I bloG? lolx.. kk.. Went town yest again.. Intend to catch a movie with Rh but in the end.. haiz.. I was rather pissed.. Cos we missed the time slot for 5.50pm, this is my fault as I went to buy my HP.. I bought samsung 600C or E, not really sure.. As there were no more stocks, i had 2 make reservation... I can onli get my phone at the end of this month... Hope tt daY will arrive soon.. After tt, we went to the check if the threatre at suntec haf the show 4"secret window", but neH~ dun haf.. so sad.. kk.. nvm.. we took MRt to somerset.. We went cineleisure 1st... but neh again.. DUN HAF!! kk.. nvm.. He said LIDO sure haf.. then we walk n walk... nearly spend 1/2 of my time walking... THEN... OOPS!! NOPE again.. Tink i gave him a SIAN 1/2 look... Tink he noe im rather angry... but haiz.. also cant blame him la.. I was onli pek chek cos it was really tiring walking arnd... Then i said in an anger,"NExt time, we both watch wif our own frenz.. We are fated not 2 watch wif each other!" Tink he is rather sad.. I requested to go scotts road n eat my beef noodle.. Tink by then, I was not tt angry le.. After tt, we went TAKA!! Bought my cheesecake n stuff...
As i was sick AGAIN, we went home arnd 9pm... As we were walking towards the bus stop, i saw Joseph AGAIN! This is the 2nd time in a week i saw him.. haha.. As I dun wanna go clubbing, Sarah also din go.. Sry abt tt... We can organise outing but NO clubbing PLS!!! haha...
HOme Sweet HoMe!!!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

KinDa happy tt i haf my bew blogskin!! just finish deleting all the previous bloG!! dun wanna tink of the previous things... had a long time deleting.. btw.. this new blog is created by my "jie MEi", Sarah low... Thanks ya..

got alot 2 say...
oh ya... i went 2 NDP yest... it was damn hot... kk.. say some of the happy things.. the lightings were beautiful... this is the 1st time i went 2 NDP i tink!! i dare not really cheer cos i was rather shy... tink i njoy JJ & kit chan singing... it was nCe!!
on the way home, we had 2 squeeze like siao... is really "ren shan ren hai".. i was rather "pek chek"...
kk.. when we reach the car, he said we were like in HEAVEN!! cos of the air-con n stuff... As i was feeling damn hot n uncomfortable, i asked him 2 send mi home.. But he said wanna bring mi 2 somewhere where we can plaY... I dunno wat is his plaN... but i just agreed!
Guess wat, he brought m 2 Sentosa!! It was like 9.30pm when we reach there.. Everything was dark & hardly any person... We reached the beach.. got a few ang mo... We just went 2 another corner, sat down on a map.. N watch nutting.. lolz.. Cos it was real darK! We played fire sparklers.. The place was kinda relaxed n peaceful... We watch the stars n listen to the waves... I even took some photos.. hee... tts my fav past time..
However, i feel tt i'm not tt romantic kind... but watever la.. i just act as if im romantic... lolx... We went home after tt... i noe who treat mi gd n stuff.. but i just cant get my feelings rite... Haiz.. maybe tts mi!! N i need time.. i wanna find the ans 2, " What is LOVE?" N i mean true love!!

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